Refining software for group family history

»  mark    14 Oct 2005 @ 00:18    

One of the things I’ve been able to do while Olya and Maya have been gone is some programming. Ah, just like the old days :) My latest project has been revising some software for posting and collaborating with family members on genealogy.

I found a nice piece of software at SourceForge with the wonderful GPL license which allows me to take it and modify it all I like to make it meet our needs. It has been a challenge because this software of course came with more functionality than you can shake a stick at. And that’s nice for geeks, but I want our family to work on this and they don’t have time to learn how to drive an aircraft carrier when a rowboat will do.

So I’ve been cleaning up the interface, cutting back anything that looks extraneous. Motivated by David Wiley’s famous statement that “too much function can crush the community,” we’re going to start simple and as people clamor for more functionality, I’ll add it back in. Check out some screenshots

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