Fun at the park

»  olya    19 Jul 2006 @ 13:07    

On Sunday our friends George and Barbie asked me to take some pictures of them at the park which I did and which happened to be my very first ‘official’ non-family (kind of :) photoshoot! It was a lot of fun and as it turned out I did get a couple of good shots of them, good enough to be posted on their website ;)
In exchange they offered to take some pictures of us while we’re playing with kids which was even more fun because we never get a chance of someone else doing that for us! We both got to play with kids as much as we wanted AND had pictures of us taken all at the same time!

Trip to the water park with George and Barbie

»  olya    10 Jul 2006 @ 16:21    

Hiking to Lake Mary

»  olya    2 Jul 2006 @ 18:36    

Photo Blog

»  mark    1 Jul 2006 @ 06:57    

Do you like our new photo blog? Just kidding. Olya’s been very busy adding new photos and I think they are outstanding. Meanwhile, I haven’t been terminated from the editorial staff, I just haven’t done much editoring lately. I won’t make any lame excuses, ’cause you all can guess them. But I’m back on the beat and have even gone back and added some commentary. So if you’re interested, check out these posts:

  1. Laughing out loud
  2. Concert at the park
  3. Memorial Day in Logan
  4. Maya having fun with Boca’s family

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