Any resemblance?

»  mark    27 Oct 2006 @ 12:26    

Waiting for the bus

»  mark    27 Oct 2006 @ 12:25    

The other day I found Maya sitting on top of the couch by the window in the company of her teddy bear and monkey. I asked her if she liked sitting there to which she said” Where’s the bus?”… I guess she was waiting for the big yellow school bus that she saw going down our street a few times! I never thought she would actually sit there and wait just to see the bus again :)

How to change a diaper…

»  mark    27 Oct 2006 @ 12:20    

Treacherous plot exposed

»  mark    22 Oct 2006 @ 22:19    

We’re always curious to find out where Maya learns things. For example, when we go to the toy store, she recognizes characters from certain television shows we know she has never seen at home. The mystery began to unravel when Olya went to check on Maya in the nursery at Church today and she observed Maya clutching a large stuffed dinosaur.

Maya spotted Olya and shouted, “Look, Mama! Barney!”

After interrogating the nursery leader later, Olya discovered that the class has a number of toys with figures from Sesame Street and other children’s programs. According to the leader, when Maya arrived at the nursery today, the first thing she asked for was “Big Purple.” Our worst nightmares confirmed!

We had hoped that Maya would move right on into adolescence completely unaware that Barney existed. Now that she knows, let the strategizing begin: Operation “Big Purple”-ectomy.

Pumpkin carving and fall fest

»  olya    22 Oct 2006 @ 12:57    

This is the place

»  mark    22 Oct 2006 @ 12:52    

There is much more at “This is the Place” Monument in Salt Lake, than the statue of Brigham Young. Olya and I have been to this monument several times, but we never went into the pioneer-era restoration area where things are set up to look like the 1850’s.

From the front gate, I could only see half a dozen buildings, so it didn’t appear worth the admission price. But after going inside and seeing that there is in fact over 30 structures to explore, I was disappointed when our time there was cut short by Elijah incessantly complaining and Maya running wild everywhere. She even wanted to stand in front of two large horses pulling a wagon of people.

Oh well, at least Maya had a chance to try their straw maze. Not sure if that is circa 1850, but I enjoyed watching her run around it like a mouse seeking the cheese reward. And we did get to pick out a pumpkin to take home. But perhaps next time Olya and I will go by ourselves. Thanks to Lisa for her help with the photos.

Our little acrobat!

»  olya    17 Oct 2006 @ 14:28    

Portrait of a girl

»  olya    12 Oct 2006 @ 23:25    

Our little hen

»  mark    12 Oct 2006 @ 17:51    

Before being a parent, I never understood how interesting it is to watch kids change and develop over time. Sure there are the milestones that everyone looks for: smiling, crawling, walking, tying shoes, etc. But achieving those makes you “normal.” The things that make each child unique, the personality… that’s what is really fun to observe.

For quite some time, Maya has watched Olya and tried to imitate her: “helping” in the kitchen, placing things in the shopping cart at the store, and trying on clothes (sometimes even makeup) in front of the mirror. But over the past few weeks, her “mothering” qualities have really kicked in.

Maya is long past merely carrying her trusty monkey alongside and making sure he stays warm under the blanket in the stroller. Now the monkey is in every respect her baby. She faithfully attends to changing his diaper, applying the necessary but discomforting diaper rash cream. She takes him in the shower on occasion and makes sure he closes his eyes when we rinse the shampoo off his head. She attends his wounds when he falls, provides comfort when he is tired or irritable. And more recently, Maya has even begun to feed him by carefully positioning his head under her shirt.

The great irony to me is that all this time I thought we were supposed to be teaching her, and now I think she is teaching us.

Liberty Park

»  olya    8 Oct 2006 @ 20:54    
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