Preview #1

»  olya    16 Jul 2007 @ 02:26    

One quick photo from the upcoming gallery. I have about a whole month worth of photos that I need to find time to edit, including some from the BBQ where I took this photo of Barbie and Josiah :)

My b-day 3 weeks ago

»  olya    16 Jul 2007 @ 02:24    

No work on Sunday night, so I finally got to edit some ‘old’ photos! These were taken on my B-Day. First we went to One World Cafe with Mark’s family, we finally had a good enough excuse to take them there :) After that we went to the Temple Square and walked around a bit. The next day Barbie took me to The Greenhouse Effect Cafe to have some delicious crepes. Since I didn’t get in any of the pictures during my b-day, I added one at the end of the gallery that Maya took with a remote. She’s all about ‘pushing the buttons’ ;)

(I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing, I sound really boring in the middle of the night…)

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