Frog and Toad will live forever

»  olya    30 Aug 2007 @ 16:14    

“Because Frog and Toad went in the car…. Then they !CRASHED! it… Sooooo they went to the hospital and Toad had a baby… Sooo they went into the river *wheesh wheeeseeeeeh* and splashed and they baked cookies in the oven and ate the cookies and the ice cream and the peaches, so ‘licious!….”

You can be sure her story was much longer and much more exciting, but that’s all I could memorize while trying to take a nap with Maya doing all the sound effects right into my ear…

So be on the lookout, there may be new series of Frog and Toad in the near future!

Elijah’s already developing a gourmet taste….

»  olya    28 Aug 2007 @ 17:16    

“Mmmmmm… Those aged cheerios from under the couch taste a lot better than the fresh ones!”


»  mark    27 Aug 2007 @ 11:18    

We just got back from the midwife. The baby seems to be growing just fine, right on schedule. She said the due date is approximately April 14. Maybe next time we’ll get to hear the heartbeat.

Guess who?

»  olya    26 Aug 2007 @ 23:22    

She knows her body parts

»  olya    26 Aug 2007 @ 12:16    

“Maya, what happened?”
“I fell down!”
“Did you bump your nose?”
“Did you bump you head?”
“Did you bump your hair?” (seriously expecting to hear “yeees!” to this one)
“NOOOO! I bumped my mustache!”

Our garden before and after

»  olya    26 Aug 2007 @ 02:13    

After the surgery

»  olya    24 Aug 2007 @ 11:15    

He’s fine, still recovering, not being his usual charming self while the anesthesia and morphine are wearing off…

This was a sweet moment though. After being restless on the couch and trying to find a comfortable position, he snuggled right next to me and fell asleep… for the first time since he was probably 3-4 weeks old.

Bear Lake

»  olya    20 Aug 2007 @ 00:34    


»  olya    19 Aug 2007 @ 02:11    

… and don’t ask me when these pictures were taken ;)

July’s Random edition

»  olya    10 Aug 2007 @ 00:25    

Hiking, camping, swimming, playing, driving, enjoying the hot dry summer… Yep, we’re still doing it all even if we don’t post as often ;)

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