More than luck

»  mark    28 Nov 2007 @ 21:38    

After we confirmed my wallet was missing Wednesday night, Olya and I did a quick search in the most common spots. We came up empty-handed, but that would not deter us from heading to Grandma’s house the next day. Still this weighed heavy on my mind. When we returned home after Thanksgiving Friday night, I again looked. Nothing.

Saturday I looked some more. I cleaned out the basement, hoping to run into it, but still no sign of it. On Sunday, Olya and I concluded that I would have to contact Public Transit, the bank, and the post office to see if anyone turned it in. We discussed the possibility of calling the credit card companies to have them cancel our cards. I felt sick just thinking of all the important identification that would take some time (and money) to replace.

Monday night, I was really down, because Tuesday mornings I go to the temple and I knew my recommend was of course lost in the wallet. Desperate, I went back to the drawer where I always keep my wallet. I pulled it out to look behind it, and finding nothing, was putting the drawer back in when my hand felt the wallet right in the drawer. I looked in and it was right there! I just stared at it for a minute, speechless. Then I called Olya over, who also could not believe my discovery.

Some might suggest we just did not look hard enough, but I know that is not the case. I looked through that drawer no less than three times, once even taking out receipts and other bits of paper one at a time. Olya looked in that drawer more times than I did. I cannot draw any conclusion other than that the wallet miraculously ended up there. How? I do not know. But it was an answer to prayer.

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