Candy day

»  mark    1 Nov 2009 @ 21:29    

Although we hardly talk about some holidays (mostly the ones that only seem to be around to boost the American candy-makers), Maya and Elijah have been gleaning bits of information from their friends about Halloween. And Maya is convinced that it should be renamed Candy Day.

Can’t argue that. There really isn’t much more to it… or is there? Well, Olya and I decided this year to make more out of it. We thought it would be fun to make it more of an Autumn Festival with old fashioned games and a party with friends. Since my folks moved to the canyon and don’t have a neighbor within 2 miles, we asked them if they’d be interested in playing along.

So we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa with the kids all dressed up in their costumes and the promise of games and fun. We weren’t disappointed. Not only did we avoid the inevitable fight over the pounds of sweets they would have amassed at Trunk or Treat, but the kids got to show off their costumes in a warm, hospitable environment void of weirdos and creepy things that we really don’t want them thinking about.

Olya and I think this ought to be a new family tradition. The kids had a ball, and the adults seemed to enjoy the party too. Kudos to the party planners!

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