Leaving the blah behind

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Mid-winter is always a tough time for our family. Besides the weekly bout of whatever sickness is hanging around at Church, the weather is often drab, Olya and the kids have a hard time getting outside, and the air in Utah is downright unhealthy.

This year was no different, but we took a page from a few years back when we visited some of Olya’s friends in St. George and decided that we would head somewhere nice to escape the blah.

Now that our good friends the Mirandas are back in Southern California, we knew we had a good reason to go. So early in January, Olya hunted around for airline tickets and found that San Diego was really quite affordable. And the rental car rates from there were surprisingly low as well, so we went for it.

The five days we had to kick back, visit with friends, and just enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery were just what we needed. We really couldn’t get enough of the 65 degree weather, steady breezes, and lovely sea air.

We decided to take Anya along since she still isn’t a great sleeper at night and figured the other two kids would have a better time with Grandma if they had a little more undivided attention. Anya was perfectly happy to have the extra time with Mama and Papa, but she reminded us why air travel with a < 2 year old is always a gamble. This is the first flight I've been on where I've had a beverage dumped on me in both directions! To top it off, the man sitting in front of Olya spilled his beverage which then dripped through the seat on her bag. :) Notwithstanding the volatility of the refreshments, we couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time. The weather held steady as a rock with sunshine and clear skies. Timing was perfect. Had we come only a week before, we would have witnessed one of the biggest storms to hit that area in years. The local newspapers had photos of flooding in some areas, complete with cars stranded, trees knocked over, and other damage. At the tail end of the trip, we stopped by to visit Tatyana, one of Olya's friends from Moldova. It was fun to see how things were going for them and she gave us a crash course on Balboa Park, a very large refuge downtown San Diego that we could have wandered for days. We had to settle for exploring the botanical gardens because we had a plane to catch. Maya and Elijah were none the worse for their mini-vacation at Grandma's. They took advantage of the 3 foot deep snow to get in a lot of sledding, snowman building, and other exploring. We knew they'd be fine when we told them that we'd be leaving them with Grandma for a few days and Elijah responded with glee, "We get to go to Grandma's for 6 days without you?" Olya enjoyed her first trip to California. We both enjoyed the scenery and the weather, but the cost of living will probably keep us from resettling there any time soon. But don't count us out for another visit next year when blah season comes around.

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