Camping in Mantua – Mark’s view

»  mark    8 Aug 2006 @ 07:04    

I would only correct one thing from Olya’s description of the campout. I wouldn’t say “except for ” the “sunrise hike” with Elijah everything was great. That hike was one of my favorite parts of the campout. True, it was a little dark when we took off, and it wasn’t my intention to go so far, but I’m glad we did. More than removing the noisy baby from the campground, it was a bonding experience.

We saw wildlife as we walked through meadows and up the road. It rained that night, so everything was very fresh and the grass smelled very good. We picked sunflowers, watched the sunrise, and enjoyed the calm of an early summer morning. How often do I get to do that? I mean, we’re up that time practically every day, but I don’t take advantage of the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature each morning. So it was one of my highlights.

Sorry to all for the disturbance. You should have joined us!


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