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»  mark    8 Aug 2006 @ 07:11    

With all the running around we do, I don’t think I take advantage of the opportunity to write down all the funny things Maya does and says. She is quite a character. I wrote this up a week or so ago, but never got around to posting it. So without further ado…

Wednesday, August 2, 2006:
Tonight we had another one of those moments where Maya did something really outrageous that made me mad, but at the same time it was kind of funny. All the same, I had to show her the stern face because I really didn’t want to encourage what she was doing.

I was changing Elijah’s diaper and Maya was behind me on the other side of the room. It got kind of quiet, and that is always a warning sign. But I was concentrating on the task at hand, so I didn’t look back immediately. Big mistake.

While my back was turned for those few moments. Maya was busy giving herself a facial treatment with a bottle of lotion. She had it all over her face, looking much like I do when I shave in the morning, except she was also putting some in her hair. She kept saying “shampoo, shampoo…”

I hurried and finished with Elijah, then not knowing how else to clean all that lotion off, I picked Maya up like a sack of potatoes and rushed her into the bathroom. Then with great skill, I disrobed her, and put her in the shower while trying to keep myself at arm’s length from the lotion. I turned the water on and pointed it right on her head, then went back to check on the baby in the other room.

I’m not sure whether Maya got all the “shampoo” out of her hair during her brief shower, but she sure does have the softest face of anyone I know.

Not bad, huh?

Here’s another one from last night:
We were strolling around the grocery store picking up a few things when we turned onto the condiment aisle. All of a sudden Maya starts shouting “Crunchy pickle! Crunchy pickle!” I had no idea what that was all about but Olya claims it is from a television commercial. I guess we’re going to have to be careful how much TV this young impressionable mind is getting.




  1. That cracks me up about maya I can just see her doing that. Its amazing how much they can get into when you have your back turned for a minute!! I think the pickle is funny to they pick up on everything! I do agree about what you said about the hike. Thats why I like to go camping so much just to get away from everything and enjoy life without any disturbances! You should have woke me up for the hike I enjoy watching the sun wake up :)

    ann    8 August 2006 @08:41

  2. We did wake you up. We woke everybody up. You just weren’t familiar with Elijah’s way of saying he needed to go for a hike. Olya and I get to hear it every evening. :)

    /mark    8 August 2006 @11:39

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