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There is much more at “This is the Place” Monument in Salt Lake, than the statue of Brigham Young. Olya and I have been to this monument several times, but we never went into the pioneer-era restoration area where things are set up to look like the 1850’s.

From the front gate, I could only see half a dozen buildings, so it didn’t appear worth the admission price. But after going inside and seeing that there is in fact over 30 structures to explore, I was disappointed when our time there was cut short by Elijah incessantly complaining and Maya running wild everywhere. She even wanted to stand in front of two large horses pulling a wagon of people.

Oh well, at least Maya had a chance to try their straw maze. Not sure if that is circa 1850, but I enjoyed watching her run around it like a mouse seeking the cheese reward. And we did get to pick out a pumpkin to take home. But perhaps next time Olya and I will go by ourselves. Thanks to Lisa for her help with the photos.


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