Treacherous plot exposed

»  mark    22 Oct 2006 @ 22:19    

We’re always curious to find out where Maya learns things. For example, when we go to the toy store, she recognizes characters from certain television shows we know she has never seen at home. The mystery began to unravel when Olya went to check on Maya in the nursery at Church today and she observed Maya clutching a large stuffed dinosaur.

Maya spotted Olya and shouted, “Look, Mama! Barney!”

After interrogating the nursery leader later, Olya discovered that the class has a number of toys with figures from Sesame Street and other children’s programs. According to the leader, when Maya arrived at the nursery today, the first thing she asked for was “Big Purple.” Our worst nightmares confirmed!

We had hoped that Maya would move right on into adolescence completely unaware that Barney existed. Now that she knows, let the strategizing begin: Operation “Big Purple”-ectomy.



  1. That’s crazy! Good luck getting rid of “Big-Purple” :)

    Denise    24 October 2006 @08:16

  2. I am not excited that maya knows who that is! I am so not a fan of the big purple. I was wondering if you have shown maya curious george show on tv? Its so cute and me and lisa are hooked! I know that maya would love it knowing how much she loves george her monkey!

    ann    24 October 2006 @13:53

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