Revisions to blog style

»  mark    25 Sep 2005 @ 22:42    

I’ve just completed some updates to the style and display of the blog. Please tell me if you experience anything funky in the browser you are using and I’ll try to fix it. Most notably, I’ve made the following changes:

  • Trimmed the overall width of the blog to help those using 800×600 resolution
  • Moved the home page link from the sidebar to the top left of page
  • Testing photo captions. Move your mouse over the picture of Olya’s grandfather watching TV to see what this does
  • Updated gallery view page, moved navigation, changed colors, etc
  • Testing captions on gallery view page. See photo mentioned above
  • Added better navigation to return from gallery view page
  • Added image borders to gallery images and thumbnails

Again, feedback is appreciated and welcome.


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