Chilling out with USU football

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Thanks to a couple of freebie tickets from my dad (he runs the 25 second clock for USU home football games), Lisa and I traveled to Logan Saturday to watch the Aggies’ first home game. Except for a couple of bonehead plays where we were penalized for things such as roughing the passer, pass interference, 12 men on the field (some of which my dad contests were poor calls by the referees), the Aggies played pretty well.

They hung onto a 7 point lead through two late UNLV drives in the 4th quarter eventually shutting down the Rebels’ hopes when 4 end-zone attempts in the last 30 seconds failed. Despite the bonehead plays/missed referee calls, it seems the team is more disciplined than past teams. We did not turn over the ball and moved it pretty consistantly.

Our freshman quarterback Leon Jackson is fun to watch. Something of a Michael Vick, he is quick, versatile, with a decent arm and good scrambling ability. He was one of the top rushers in the Utah game. He should be a big help to the team.

Mom, Lisa, and Denise left the game early to watch the General Women’s Broadcast, but Phil and I toughed out the frigid night with the aid of three blankets and cushioned seats. Sure beats the icy cement in General Admission! The end of the game was quite suspenseful and fortunately did not require overtime.


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