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Inspired by Olya’s new pictures, I thought I’d take a moment and share something as well. This summer’s gardening experience has been very interesting. The biggest change has been the much more “hands-on” approach to help I’ve received from Maya and Elijah.

Elijah has been testing all of the plants in our raised boxes for durability by climbing on them. Fortunately, many of them are now bigger than him, so the damage is not so severe. The best thing I put in our garden to survive with this unusually large “invader” is a small lemon thyme, which can take being stepped on up to twice a day. I think that includes being sat on… the label did not say exactly.

Maya has been keeping a close eye on our garden. She’s learned (I hope) that green cherry tomatoes don’t taste so good, but fresh basil does. She is also something of a plant conservationist at such an early age:
“Papa, put that back, be nice to the weed!”
“Papa, be gentle with the weeds.”
“Papa, you need to say sorry to the weeds.”

My big victory this summer was learning how to make an earwig trap. Take a tuna can and fill the bottom with bacon or other meat grease and just set it out in the garden. The earwigs are drawn to the scent and the seclusion, and they perish in the grease. After one night of being in our garden, I had half a dozen dead earwigs in the can. After three nights, I had well over 30 plus some bonus box elder bug nymphs. Very easy to do and no insecticides necessary.

Now if keeping the leafhoppers at bay was this easy. I’ve heard some people are able to achieve some success with fly paper, but I can just see Elijah coming into the house all wrapped up in fly paper, so I’m not convinced that is the best approach as yet.


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