Don’t let this ‘sweet sleeping baby’ face fool ya…

»  olya    8 Nov 2007 @ 12:58    

This last week and a half have been pretty much a nightmare for us when it comes to Elijah’s sleeping. He was a wonderful sleeper from about 11 months, would go down without fuss, slept through the night and didn’t fight his naps…

Well, one night he just decided to scream at bed time for 2 hours. Well, actually he’d scream as soon as we put him in his crib, so we had to take turns and stay with him in the room. As soon as one of us leaves due to exhaustion, he’s back to screaming… I think his ‘shortest’ fight so far has been a little over an hour, his longest – close to 2.5 hours.

And don’t forget the night wakings. He used to wake up sometimes, we’d go and rub his back for a few seconds and he’d go back to sleep. Not any more. He tries really hard to stay awake at night, and as soon as we start doing army crawl out of his room, he starts screaming… His shortest middle-of-the-night fight has been a bit over an hour (on the nights when he woke up twice), his longest – 4.5 hours.

And he fights nap times too, but not as much compared to the above mentioned…


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  1. Wow I dont know how you even keep your eyes open during the day it seems like all your doing is trying to keep kids asleep at night. I hope the new one is a great sleeper!

    ann    13 November 2007 @20:58

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