It’s so much funnier when Maya says it

»  mark    10 Dec 2007 @ 21:54    

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from Lisa. It was kind of like old times when she lived nearby and would come and visit. One of the highlights of the visit was driving around some of the neighborhoods east of us to look at Christmas lights. Maya and Elijah were quite impressed by the colorful arrangements and voiced their approval enthusiastically.

As we drove down a particularly well-lit street, Lisa decided to stretch Maya’s vocabulary a bit. She pointed to a darkened house amidst the bright lights and declared, “Look, Maya. That one is a dud.” Maya practiced the word “dud” a few times and laughed at her newfound knowledge. We didn’t think she understood what it meant, because nobody elaborated. But as we arrived back at our dark and undecorated house, Maya sighed, “Our house is a dud.”

All of the adults burst out laughing; partly because it was so unexpected, but mostly because Maya was spot on.


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