Christmas morning

»  olya    26 Dec 2007 @ 23:43    

We had a wonderful Christmas morning, not perfect, but wonderful :) Kids enjoyed opening presents (which included some goodies from babushka and also 2 packages from a dear friend) and for a short little while they didn’t attack each other. It happened about 15 minutes later when they decided to start stealing each other’s farm animals… And we thought we were smart by splitting the present and giving 3 animals to each one of them.

I got all excited the night before because I remembered that we had video camera which we rarely use. I watched a two year old Christmas video when Maya was same age as Elijah is right now, and realized how wonderful it was to have that footage, listen to Maya’s babbling, seeing her short hair and saying ‘wassat’ while pointing at the Christmas tree, and calling me ‘Oya’ instead of ‘mama’… I wanted to get back on track by recording this year’s Christmas, so I charged the battery overnight. When I turned on the camera in the morning, both display and viewfinder looked pitch black, even though playback worked fine. So instead I took a lot of photos :)


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