Public speaking

»  mark    26 Oct 2008 @ 23:34    

Today was one of those moments you just don’t get until it happens to you. I got to sit in the audience at Church and watch my oldest daughter participate in her first Primary program in Sacrament meeting. And Maya did us proud, reading her 5-sentence “talk” on the blessings of Priesthood in the home unaided. Olya and I weren’t sure she was going to handle the pressure, but she did okay.

I’m not sure who was more nervous, her or us. As her class was lined up on the stand next to the podium, Maya and her friend Ella slumped down on to the floor giggling. I’m not sure what it was all about, but she retained her composure and delivered. Best of all, she even left out the “Ka-chow” she had been practicing to say at the end.



  1. I love the primary program! Its hard to not laugh with some of the things the kids say and do. That is great that she wasnt afraid and said her part! Where did she learn the Ka-chow?

    ann    28 October 2008 @10:56

  2. Lightning McQueen of course. Maya’s hero.


    mark    31 October 2008 @01:18

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