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Why is it that I always feel behind the times? The weeks go by relentlessly. Anya continues her predictable pattern but we’ve learned to adapt (kind of). Still, I don’t often seem to get time to read what everybody else is writing, let alone sit down and write a few things myself.

Then I get some time like tonight and I read a dozen posts from Lisa, more from Angie, and then take a look at what my wife’s been up to. That fleeting slice of time each day between Anya going down (10:30-11:00) and when I feel too tired to stay up is so precious. Still, it is enough work to try to salvage the house to start a new day, and I often don’t sit down and write.

So I guess I write in bursts. But that’s how it goes. November flew past, but was not without a few highlights.

Bunk Beds
We’ve talked about this for awhile and finally bought them for Maya and Elijah. The first week was pretty rocky. First, both wanted to be on the top; then they both wanted to just stay up and play in them. Olya hung one of her wraps up as a hammock in the bottom bunk so the kids can swing and that helps entice Elijah to stay on the bottom bunk. My mom gave the good advice of putting the kids to bed at different times so they wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Very wise. Wonder where she picked that up?

Lisa knows well how I overwhelm the odds when I plant flowers. I guess because I’ve never been very good at growing them, I have to stack the deck in my favor. So Maya and I planted well over a hundred bulbs in the hopes that even a few will make it out next Spring. We’ll report back in a few months if they come up.

Olya and I took Maya and Elijah to see Wall-E, which has been out forever but is now in the cheaper theaters. I think it was the first time the four of us went to a movie and we had a good time. Ilya was a little frightened by the loud dust storms and rockets at the beginning, but settled down and enjoyed the show. He was watching close enough that during the quiet, sentimental sequence where Eva is trying to prop up her injured friend, Elijah in his not so quiet and sentimental voice belted out, “What’s wong with Wa-we?”

Growth Spurt
The past two weeks have been truly amazing. My mother came to stay with us for a few days, the week before Thanksgiving. On Thursday, Anya was for the first time in the crawling position and lifting one hand in the air, balancing herself with the other hand. Within two days, she was in full crawl. By the time Thanksgiving came around, she was crawling about like she’d been doing it for months. And not even a week later, she is getting really fast.

But that’s just the start! In the same 10-14 days, Anya has cut a tooth, started making talking sounds (la la la da ba ba wa) not just cries and grunts, begun climbing up on things like shelves, learned how to sit up and move to a “hurdle” position (one leg forward, the other back) so she can get back on her tummy. We also began putting her in Elijah’s high chair and feeding her more than just a little oatmeal. She gets bread, lentils, macaroni, soup, almost anything we eat. She really is a different little girl. Maybe it’s the tooth that makes her seem on the verge of toddlerhood. Exciting and sad at the same time.


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  1. I like it when you write you have a great gift in making any situation sound fun. As for the bunk beds remember how much fun we had playing and then mom got smart and put us in there after the other was asleep? Took all the fun out of them. I cant believe how big Anya has gotten either next thing you know she is going to be walking! Not much you can do but enjoy each moment.

    ann    4 December 2008 @09:24

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