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Hard to believe it has been 3 years since this little one joined our family.
baby Elijah

It hasn’t been always easy, and he has already tested us, but our family would be much lacking without Elijah. Although most people quickly spot his long hair (same length as when he was born!) and happy nature, here are some observations that I’ve made having spent some time with him.

1. What’s that for?
Most kids are sponges when it comes to learning about the world around them. Elijah is no different, but rather than ask the typical “What is that?”, he often will ask “What does that do?” or “What’s that for?” Things don’t just exist around him, they exist for a reason and that is what he cares about. A couple months ago, our family attended the Draper Utah LDS Temple open house and toured the building. The kids loved to see everything in the building and were surprisingly reverent. But one of the things (besides the bus ride there and the high ceiling of the Celestial Room “wow!’) that I think stuck out to Elijah, was the fire alarms. Maybe because they stuck out of the architecture, but each time we passed one, I knew I’d hear, “What’s that for?”

2. The deconstructionist
It could be related to his age, but Elijah thrills at “deconstructing”. He is constantly taking things apart: his toys, electronic equipment, carefully stacked books and videos, his sandwiches, and lots of other things. Elijah wants to know how they fit together, what they are made of, and in the case of food, if Mama is trying to hide anything “toxic” inside. He takes joy in pulling all the tools out of my toolbox and scattering them around the house. He thrills at the site of a new puzzle or board game; not to put them together, but to take them apart.

3. Observe carefully
Elijah lives at the center of his own micro universe. He is constantly looking at things from a very close vantage point. He loves to observe bugs, though he doesn’t like them. When he’s outside, he is ever picking up small rocks to look at and carry around. Yesterday, he painted his face with the mud off a rock he grabbed before climbing in the car. And as mentioned, he thoroughly inspects all his food. Mortally afraid of vegetables, he examines everything for suspicious specks and will often turn down the whole meal if one is located. Much to our dismay, his beloved “triangles”, the spinach and mozzarella raviolis that our kids have eaten enthusiastically for over a year, have come under suspicion and he may never eat them again. Our last hold out for inserting fruit and veggie into his body is the vita-mix blender.

A few more “facts” about Elijah
Favorite room: bathroom; all kinds of interesting plumbing devices at ground level.
Favorite time of day: early morning; exploring is much more fun when nobody can stop you
Favorite food: cold cereal or yogurt; except when it is tainted with raisins or fruit or something
Favorite primary song: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man; it is always his first choice
Favorite color: brown; the color of dirt and the color that is made by mixing all the other colors
Favorite show: Wall-E; who can resist a garbage compacting robot?

Happy Birthday, Elijah! We love you.


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  1. That was a great tribute to Elijah! I love his imagination and the way he thinks. I love how he plays with his diggers and knows the names of all of the trucks and will correct you if you dont say it right! Its been a fun 3 years:) Happy Birthday Boy! love auntie ann

    ann    4 April 2009 @10:12

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