look who is back!

»  olya    5 Apr 2009 @ 22:18    

I know, it’s been a while. Winter is the time of hibernating for me. All I can say is that I’m glad it’s over.

Here are some recent photos, I’m not going to squeeze them all into one gallery so I’ll split them into a couple of posts. I think it’s all pretty much self-explanatory :)



  1. I love the pictures! Thanks for posting all the different moments. It was fun to see you guys I felt bad you left so early. I thought I had time to get back to see you. That means you will have to come out in July with the parents!

    ann    6 April 2009 @22:21

  2. we’re definitely hoping to make a trip to west coast this summer, just need to figure out the details. oh, and find some money, that would help :)

    olya    6 April 2009 @22:41

  3. WOW, Anya looks like you in m3!!!

    Ashley    10 April 2009 @20:10

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