Elijah’s birth, my take on it

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Well, I got the jump on my post about Elijah, but I think Olya’s commentary is superior. And I remember that day very well, too. I can’t believe she left out the stop sign that I sped through on the way to the hospital. That seems to be a standard joke about that day. But it’s a good thing I did. Our little one didn’t give us more than 2 hours at the hospital before he was here. A much different experience than Maya’s birth.

I also remember the awe with which I watched, doing mostly nothing, but observing, learning. Claire was the best. I remember she asked us weeks before what we expected of her as the doula. Olya may remember other things, but two things stuck in my mind. First, I wanted her to help model the coach part of hypnobirthing, because I had never done this “solo” from beginning to finish. Second, we wanted her to run interference with the hospital staff.

As a registered nurse, she knew her way around the delivery room, she knew the procedures and paperwork as well or better than anyone there, and she also knew how to get us what we really needed, not just what was routinely prescribed. If we had another baby at the hospital, I can’t imagine doing it without a doula. It was almost like having a private nurse that knew us and knew what we wanted and was able to coordinate “the show”. Our midwife was great, too. I remember her reluctance in coming to the hospital when we called her shortly after 4 AM. She must have been thinking, “Are you really sure this is it?” But come she did, and I remember her saying that this was “one of the most amazing births I have ever attended.”

The funny thing is she had experience with hypnobirths. But I guess the miracle of it all, and the totally different atmosphere from the typical birth still inspire wonder. I had my doubts that this would be anything like the experiences we’d learned about in our class, but I was soon convinced.


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  1. Were you done writing on this blog? It seems like you were in the middle of a sentence and it didn’t get all of it. It sounds like the hypnobirth is the way to go. It would be nice to have someone who knows you both personally and there way around the room. You always want someone to keep you calm during that situation.

    ann    10 April 2009 @08:29

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