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Anya turned ONE this week, a milestone for reflection.

Those who have listened to our woeful tales of Anya’s sleeping habits will understand perfectly when I say this has been the longest year I can remember. But then again, I think memory is one of the casualties of sleep deprivation, so that might not be saying much.

I couldn’t help smiling when Anya slept 5 hours in a row once this week, a personal best, and the magical threshold called “sleeping through the night” by experts. As much as I’d like to think that the long nights are over, forgive my skepticism. I’ll believe it when I see it…or not see it in this case.

Still, as much physical trauma as this has inflicted on our family, Anya has the amazing ability to help you forget the sleep deprivation. She is a happy girl, with a smile that just beams. Who can stay mad at her? Although still a baby, the past couple weeks Olya and I have seen her blossom into toddlerhood. So what type of child will she be? I’m not entirely sure, but here are a few things I’ve observed so far.

Anya has a great sense of humor.
She loves to laugh and tease and will wrestle with me on the floor as much as any of the other kids. Sometimes she’ll laugh just when she sees somebody else laughing at a joke.

Anya has good people skills.
In addition to her ability to make you forget that you were mad at her, she can crawl into the bedroom with the other kids and they accept her right into their game or circle. She has all the ladies and grandparents at Church eating out of the palm of her hand. So much that our horror stories have been questioned multiple times (What? This child? This sweet angel? Why, she couldn’t be any trouble at all…). Uh, huh.

Anya is scientific.
She tests things, kind of like the T-Rex on Jurassic Park tests the electric fence periodically for weaknesses. Anya has has begun walking several months before her siblings did because she has taken small steps, tested her balance, and kept working at it until she got it down. Elijah and Maya would make little or no effort at walking until they knew they could do it, and then just started doing it.

Anya also knows how much fun it is to splash in the potty and has been steadily improving her response time when she hears the bathroom door open. She knows that Elijah is sloppy at shutting the door and will often follow him in or wait until she hears him leave, then make a break for it.

Lastly, she is by far the best eater of the bunch right now. There is almost nothing that she won’t eat or at least try.

Anya is athletic.
More than any of our kids, Anya loves to play with balls. She will chase a stuffed soccer ball all over the room, move it forward between her legs, sit on it, hug it, bite it, roll with it, almost like a kitten with a ball of yarn. She has pretty good balance for having taken her first steps just a few days ago.

Anya is sincere.
She gives big hugs and big slobbery kisses. If you make her mad, she lets you know exactly how she feels. When she feels slighted, she shrieks with injustice. But when you’ve done okay, you get one of those BIG smiles.

What a bright little energy beam she has been in our home and we love her very much.



  1. Have you had this post on the back burning trying to perfect it? I ask because I check to see if there is a new post almost every other day and yesterday there wasn’t anything but today there is. The puzzling thing is the date says you wrote it on the 9th? Well anyway I was glad to read a cute post about Anya. She is so sweet and loving and I wish I could have spent more time with all the kids. Maybe when you come up you guys could go out and we can play with the kids! Thanks for the fun little stories to read about such a sweetheart!

    ann    27 April 2009 @19:16

  2. Yes. Sometimes I don’t finish the posts right away, but I want the date to reflect when it should have been posted, and our blogging system allows you to do that. Thanks for checking in so often! Wish I could write more often. Stay tuned for a post on Maya.


    PS> We’ll definitely schedule some not-driving time so you can play with the kids. Maybe at the coast.

    mark    28 April 2009 @08:24

  3. ok that makes me feel better about the post question. I understand about writing more sometimes it can get too crazy around the house right?! It would be so fun to have you come and we can go down to the coast and try out the kites! Trish has a huge pirate ship kite! Oh and about my blog, me and Lisa just happen to go to the tulip festival 2 days apart but hers was in Washington and mine here in Oregon an hour from the house!

    ann    30 April 2009 @11:12

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