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»  mark    26 Jun 2009 @ 00:23    

Ah, the joys of moving.

All you Nelsons know what I mean, it’s in our blood. Call it what you like, nomadic, fidgeting, or even restless legs syndrome, but we don’t tend to stick in one place too long. Speaking of which, the place where I have lived for nearly 3 years now, is the longest I’ve been in one home since…1996 when we lived at 175 S Main in Providence. And I’ve had no other residence longer than 3 years in my whole life except for that one. I count this as my 29th residence in a mere 32 years of life. But I digress.

I’m not announcing that we are moving from this home, but what got me on that tangent was the move from one web hosting company to another. The joys of moving, of course, are two-fold. 1) Throwing out stuff that you don’t want to carry any longer and 2) Finding old treasures that, what the heck, you’ll carry a little longer. Take your pick which camp you think the following photo belongs in. This was taken October 10, 2003 at the Annual Providence Sauerkraut Dinner. Phil really missed out on this one.

Fortunately for him and many others, I have preserved this for posterity. Perhaps now would be a good time to really move before the lynching party arrives.



  1. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten all about this picture! Now that was a good time dont you agree?:) I too love moving just for the mere fact that the amount of junk you throw out is quite satsifying. Of course you accumulate it all back if you stay in 1 place longer then a year! so you my friend have some serious stuff to get rid of!:) I am not very computer savy so what you said about the computer didn’t really make sense to me. I am assuming it was a good thing that you moved to a different host? This is why I cook for a living:)

    ann    26 June 2009 @08:48

  2. The host is just a company that have computer servers where the web site resides. After being with our old host company for over 4 years, it was a good thing to switch and try some new functionality. If nothing else, it got me to post to the blog, right? ;)

    mark    26 June 2009 @18:51

  3. I don’t remember even taking this photo, it definitely doesn’t seem like something we all would have gone for. After looking at it closer, maybe I’ve blocked from my memory for a reason.

    You’re staying at my house in a few weeks… let the lynching begin!

    Lisa    27 June 2009 @23:08

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