Zion’s Camp 2009

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For the 5th year in a row, I had the privilege of joining the brethren of the Wilson Ward on an overnight camp last weekend. This year, Elijah and I traveled with the small group to Little Deer Creek Campground, about 40 minutes southwest of Heber. We had a great time and I desperately wish I had taken a few pictures.

It was almost not to be, though. We took a wrong turn at Cascade Springs, just 10 minutes from our final destination and went down what must have been a jeep trail, because it was rocky, uneven, and remarkably close to the edge of the flowing streams nearby. I remember our fearless leader had told us to expect a few large rocks in the road, but this was something else. Elijah, who had slept the hour before that, woke up from all the jolting, looked out the window and said simply, “This is the wong woad.”

Well, Bob Brown and I who were navigating the vehicle were beginning to come to the same conclusion. Of course, we didn’t take Elijah’s word for it. We waited until we had driven 5-10 more minutes and were about to give up on the camp. Then Bob offered a prayer, we took one more look at the map, and decided we needed to go in exactly the opposite direction.

From that point, everything fell into place and we arrived in camp shortly afterward. I was hoping to see some meteors that night as this is usually a pretty favorable time of year, but the stars mingled with clouds, and our barbecue dinner was greeted with a few sprinkles. But that didn’t damper our spirits too much. I found a piece of aluminum foil and pressed it onto Elijah’s head to make him a waterproof helmet that he quite enjoyed as he didn’t have a hood on his coat.

We got the tent up and slept very comfortably thanks to Reed Watson’s many kind gestures, including his own queen-size air mattress, which he pumped up for us to boot. I thought we slept quite well, as camping goes. So I couldn’t help smiling the next morning when I asked Elijah if he slept well and he replied with a totally straight face, “No, I slept vewy badwy.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t pack up the tent fast enough and were pounded by marble sized hail for a few minutes after breakfast. Thank goodness for the refuge of our fine car. In all, the camp was a success, Elijah was at his best, and I can’t wait to go camping again real soon to retrieve my glasses that I folded up hastily inside the tent!



  1. So after reading this I picture the bum in glasses off of mad world saying you want me to go down there! I am just glad you didn’t spring a leak with oil everywhere. I can actually here Elijah’s cute little voice talking. I am glad you had such a fun adventure!

    ann    18 August 2009 @21:32

  2. Your first father/son outing! I love it. Elijah seems to be made for camping, I’m sure it will get easier and easier as he gets older.

    Lisa    20 August 2009 @12:38

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