Elijah funnies

»  mark    14 Sep 2009 @ 23:04    

Kids say the darnedest things. I know it sounds trite, but I never tire of the unique and the bizarre things spoken by our young-uns. Here are a few from Elijah.

Us: What’s your favorite color, Elijah?
Elijah: Black.
Who ever chooses black? He’s the only one I can remember.

Us (in the store): Elijah, which color of toothbrush do you want?
Elijah: Black.
We couldn’t find a black toothbrush, so Elijah settled for a purple and green one, the darkest color we could find.

Elijah: Papa, I’m milky.
Interpretation: Papa, I feel like a cup of milk, please.

Elijah: Papa, I’m watery.
Interpretation: I’d like some water.

Us: Elijah, are you fruity or vegetabley tonight?
He didn’t fall for that.


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  1. I love how you were trying to joke with him and he just didn’t get it! I remember phil going through a phase where he loved black!

    ann    22 September 2009 @23:21

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