Tree line

»  mark    8 Dec 2009 @ 22:14    

Our family Christmas tree is up. And it didn’t take long before the kids decided that our tree needed re-decorating. I’m not sure why, it really was quite charming. But for whatever reason, they get up each day and pull down a handful of ornaments.

When we find these ornaments scattered around the house, we put them back on the tree, only a little higher than their original placement. The result is what I call the “tree line”, a very visible line about the height of Anya’s outstretched fingers that marks the border between the densely populated top part of the tree and the sparse bottom of the tree.

Any ornament that strays too low is removed by the kids and relocated to the North.


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  1. I hope you took pictures before the kids decided to help out. Remember how we would always decorate the tree and the next day it looked amazing! None of the ornaments were really in the same places but dad was smiling:)

    ann    28 December 2009 @19:06

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