Peach me!

»  mark    12 Dec 2009 @ 22:04    

We recently started buying the seasonal Clementine oranges, and the kids have been devouring them! And who can blame them? When I lived in Korea, I used to devour those plentiful and oh-so-sweet fruits like they were my last meal. I never tire of telling my kids about the six-day stretch when my companion and I ate 111 medium-sized oranges (a full case).

Anya has taken to calling these little oranges peaches. So she likes to hover around looking for someone who has either started peeling an orange or is in close proximity to an orange and then she turns on the sad, imploring, eyes. “Peach me! Peach me!” Who can say no to that?


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  1. I just love this girl! She has so much personality well all of them do. I am so glad we were able to have time together.

    ann    28 December 2009 @19:04

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