The case is solved!

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A few months ago, our family stroller was stolen from our front porch. Not your average umbrella fold-up, mind you, a very nice dual-seat jogger. We were a bit put out by this, but decided though the odds were against ever recovering it (“What makes you think the Soviets were involved?” – Policewoman talking to Pee-Wee), we would give the police a try.

So we filled out the report on-line with the Salt Lake City Police Department. Though it took quite some time to finally get somebody on the case, we got a lead on it when somebody responded to a KSL Classified reward poster Olya put up with a description of the stroller. Somebody wrote saying they had seen a stroller just like that at a Kid 2 Kid in Holladay. We contacted the store and they promised not to sell the stroller until the police could investigate.

The day after that, the man who sold the stroller to the store returned with another one. The store owner, recognizing the man, made some lame excuses about being busy and asked him to browse around while she helped other customers. He did so and she called the police. They talked to him and didn’t arrest him, but his story was really shaky.

After that, we didn’t hear anything for awhile, as there was some confusion whether this case should be handled by Salt Lake Police or Salt Lake County. But after some phone tag, we got word that the investigation was done and we could go claim the stroller if it was ours. We recognized it by a few unique marks and took it home. Turns out that the individual who took it will stand trial for a string of thefts.

Thanks to Olya’s classified, a tip from a mom who saw our property in Holladay, and some quick thinking by the Kid 2 Kid staff, strollers all over the city can sleep better tonight.


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  1. I am so glad you got it back! Its nice that there are other people watching out for us. I might have snuck a few stroller prayers in:)

    ann    28 December 2009 @19:05

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