After dark deliveries

»  mark    26 Dec 2009 @ 21:51    

In our usual last-minute style, we decided it would be fun to take some goodies around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. The kids, in an amazingly unselfish gesture, agreed to share some of our beloved Clementine oranges (peaches, as Anya calls them).

Olya sewed up some simple bags out of fabric she had on hand, Maya contributed some tags she had prepared from her coloring book, and Maya, Elijah, and I set out to deliver them in the dark.

Most people we greeted were surprised to see us out so late, but the kids had so much fun, they didn’t complain about the 20 degree weather. Maya couldn’t stop talking about how much she liked seeing the people’s smiling faces when they came to the door and saw us. She summed up the evening well: “Service feels great, doesn’t it?”


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  1. That is a cute idea I am glad you did that. There are fond memories waiting in the car till the people we would deliver to would go inside.

    ann    28 December 2009 @17:30

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