Potential cub scout skit

»  mark    22 Jan 2010 @ 20:52    

Sometimes, our kids do the unthinkable: they play together nicely. This never seems to work when requested, of course, it has to be spontaneous. Recently, Elijah has been enjoying the P.D. Eastman story The Best Nest. In fact, he’s heard it so many times, he can recite it back to you with just a few word prompts to get him going.

Inspired by this lovable story, Elijah and Maya were playing in the bedroom building a “nest” together. Elijah found a nice piece of wooden bread from their pretend kitchen set and being the dutiful papa bird, brought it home for dinner. Olya overheard the ensuing dialog, that went something like this.

Elijah: Here is some food.
Maya (taking it in her hand): Hey, why is it wet?
Elijah: I brought it in my beak.
Maya: Oh, Elijah, next time just pretend your hand is your beak.


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