I don’t like sweet things

»  mark    29 Apr 2010 @ 11:34    

Elijah is a funny kid. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought he was Phil’s twin brother. Picky as can be, he survives on a diet of bread, peanut butter, cold cereal, and cheese.

Of course, thanks to our Vita-Mix, we’ve been able to give him a vegetable and fruit infusion at least once a week. I’m sure that’s helped. Still, we continue to try to expand his horizons with invitations to whatever fresh fruit we have. Occasionally, we try the tactic of telling him how good it tastes.

“Elijah, have a bite of this mango, it’s so sweet!” Without even a thought he replies, “I don’t like sweet things.”

Of course that isn’t true, because he loves desserts and candy, sweet drinks and ice cream. But if fruit is sweet, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. The funniest part of it, is that he often likes derivatives of fruits, but will stubbornly refuse the fruit itself.


Elijah likes

but not…

applesauce, apple juice
orange juice
spinach raviolis
real blackberry ice cream
pasta sauce
any fruit in kefir
bananas if he is hungry enough

any fruit
bananas with “black specks”


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  1. oh Elijah how funny you are about your eating habits. He does sound just like Phil! I hope with this brand new way of eating he will be ok too.

    ann    13 February 2011 @10:46

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