Anya funnies

»  mark    5 Jul 2010 @ 13:30    

Our little Anya is really growing up fast, but not just her body. Here are a few of the things Anya has said recently that make us laugh.

More lemon water, please
Lemon water = watermelon (great anagram; obviously working on her Scrabble skills)

Oh! I hear the sour cream truck!
What? Don’t you have one driving around your neighborhood playing music and selling treats to the kids?

Monsters, Inc.
Me: Anya, when did you get to be such a monster? (referring to her size next to Ivy)
Anya (smiling): Maya’s a monster, too.


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  1. she is too cute I love the sour cream truck! Can you imagine kids getting a cone full of that:)

    ann    13 February 2011 @10:45

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