Our little Elijah blessing

»  mark    21 May 2006 @ 21:56    

Today was a very memorable Sunday: the much anticipated day of Elijah’s baby blessing. This morning when I woke up, I had the opportunity to sit in the front room with Elijah (since he still gets up early) and just ponder and meditate a little about what might become of him in this life and what might be appropriate to say in his blessing. So many things came to mind that I wasn’t too worried about what I would say when the time came.

But of course when the time arrived, anything I had thought out to say beforehand fled my mind. Yet, I wasn’t abandoned, as thoughts came back and I was able to give the blessing just fine. Elijah did not fuss at all, and the congregation got a good chuckle at his wild hairdo when I held him up at the end.

It was especially nice to have all of my family in attendance, as well as my Grandma Braegger who doesn’t get out hardly at all anymore. I think she was inspired by the other older folks in our ward, including 100-year old Lilie Holland who comes every week without fail. We were also treated to have our neighbors Clint and Erin with us and the doula who attended Elijah’s birth, Claire, and her husband. Photos, as usual, forthcoming!


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